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By François Gauthier

Sales consultant, Micro Bird commercial and school vehicles

Girardin’s environment-safe Micro Bird G5-EV paratransit minibuses accommodate passengers with special needs.

Paratransit looks ahead

Girardin’s Micro Bird minibuses hold an undisputed leadership position in North America, and it’s largely due to the company’s commitment to technological innovation. The electric version of the popular G5 is yet another example, its trail-blazing components making it a sensible option for clients who manage vehicle fleets that transport passengers with reduced mobility.

This vehicle’s most significant technological advancement is undoubtedly its Ecotuned electric motor. Engineered in Quebec, this cutting-edge design converts a standard diesel vehicle into a 100% electric vehicle while retaining most of its original attributes. The driver can consult engine data on the 7-inch touchscreen display to have a clear picture of the vehicle’s autonomy and battery range.

Safety and comfort without compromise

When it comes to transporting people with disabilities or who live with reduced mobility, every feature of the bus must be carefully mapped out to ensure that all passengers—driver included—are safe for the duration of the trip. But a safer ride shouldn’t mean an uncomfortable journey. Take, for example, the G5’s specialized five-layer sealed floor.

With its five layers of coating, the Micro Bird G5-EV floor guards against corrosion, reduces vibrations through shock absorption, minimizes risk of fire or combustion, is dust repellant, and cancels out any ambient noise.

Besides that, the bus is designed with four ergonomic boarding bars, locating at the entrance. These facilitate vehicle access to provide safer grip for passengers entering or exiting the bus. Our exclusive double-door lift platform facilitates boarding with its shorter opening radius and safer handling. The carriage, manufactured by either Braun or Ricon, complies with the most stringent of standards, including those outlined by the ADA (American Disability Act).

We’ve outfitted the cab with the Slide N’Click anchoring system, which secures wheelchairs in place. The wider centre aisle provides ample space for passengers and easier access for emergency responders if an issue arises. Finally, all riders will be well-protected with thick, galvanized steel side rails. It’s safe to say that at Girardin, it’s security above all.

The benefits of going green

The Micro Bird G5-EV is particularly suitable for journeys in urban settings. Like with any electric vehicle (EV), the battery recharges itself when braking. As a result, paratransit vehicles tend to have a greater battery range in cities when stops are more frequent. We’re also able to significantly reduce maintenance costs as our cars have eliminated the need for traditional mechanical components such as an exhaust system, transmission belt, or air filter—all of which can add to the overall costs of a bus.

Girardin, a commitment to quality

Girardin’s reputation for quality is well-known in the industry. This includes our impeccable finishes, caring and personalized after-sales service, and our vast inventory of parts for vehicle repairs and minimizing downtime. We do everything we can to ensure that our customers, whether they’re based in cities, administrative regions, senior citizens’ residences or paratransit operators, can safely get their passengers from one location to the next.

At Girardin, our ongoing commitment and investments in innovation enable us to manufacture extremely safe electric paratransit vehicles. With a 100% Quebec-made electric motor, impeccable finish, and innovative safety features, the Micro Bird G5-EV is yet another example of our unwavering dedication to passenger safety and comfort.