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By David Cossette

Sales Representative

ALT: Sales Consultant 

See why Girardin Blue Bird’s electric buses are in a league of their own.

Count on Cummins

Girardin Blue Bird’s exclusive partnership with Cummins diesel engines is long-standing. Since 1986, Blue Bird has relied on Cummins for its buses’ powertrain. And the electrification of school bus transportation becoming more ubiquitous has only bolstered this trustworthy partnership. Cummins is our engine supplier for our Vision S-EV electric bus. 

In addition to their unparalleled reputation for reliability, Cummins electric engines are backed by the best warranty in the industry – 5 years or 160,000 km on the powertrain and towing requirements. Its battery is protected for eight years, or the equivalent of 200,000 km. Girardin and Cummins’s customers benefit from the peace of mind and knowledge that they’ll never be left to fend themselves in the event of a mechanical or electrical issue.

A service location near you

Cummins engines have a positive reputation in the industry, and with the launch of its electric engines, it intends to maintain its leadership position. Cummin and its partners continue to invest heavily in a technical training program to benefit electric vehicle operators, even those living in the most remote service locations. Electrical mechanics will be trained at all locations where Cummins products are sold and serviced. Regional operators can have their electric vehicle serviced or repaired close to home without losing out on the travel time it takes to drive the bus to a remote service location. Better yet, they will benefit by working with a dealer they are already familiar with and trust.

This focus on providing service will be a game-changer in a rapidly evolving market. While operators must learn a brand-new electric propulsion system and expertise in major business centres isn’t widely available, Cummins and Girardin are banking on training their existing network to support customers wherever they are jointly. Girardin is one such accredited centre in Quebec.

Save time and money

When a problem occurs, access to local service and repair is one way to minimize vehicle downtime. As previously mentioned, operators in remote areas sometimes must travel hundreds of kilometres away to have their bus repaired. Inconveniences like travelling far distances, long delays, concerns about the vehicle stalling, and disruption to service routes will all be a thing of the past thanks to Cummins’ focus on local service.

Autonomy at the forefront

With their 193 km range, Girardin’s Vision S-EV electric buses are reliable for most school routes in Quebec. Electric motorization can handle all weather conditions and never lose power during the average bus lifespan.

Additionally, with its 8-hour recharge time at a level 2 terminal, the Vision S-EV’s battery can be conveniently powered between morning and afternoon school trips. An adequately charged school bus allows exchanging routes and providing support to different clients.  

It’s easy to understand why the Blue Bird Vision S-EV school bus is the best-selling electric school vehicle in North America and how Girardin Blue Bird is one of the most prominent players in the industry. Blue Bird’s commitment to quality, combined with Cummins electric technology and Girardin’s top-notch service, makes the Vision S-EV a must-have for school transportation across the continent.